Park and ride lots are for commuter parking only and are not intended for residential, commercial, overnight or long-term parking or for recreational use (with the exception of some lots that are privately owned or operated).

Please park only in designated areas. Parking in a non-designated area may result in your vehicle being ticketed and towed.

While transit and local police regularly patrol park and ride lots, we encourage you to lock your car, conceal and secure valuables, and report any suspicious activity or items by calling 911.

Holiday Park VFD

The Holiday Park VFD Park and Ride will be closing on September 4, 2022. Riders of the P12-Holiday Park Flyer can find alternative parking at Alpine Village Park and Ride, located at 1559 Golden Mile Highway in Monroeville, or the Plum Park and Ride, located at 1860 Golden Mile Highway in Plum. Buses will continue to serve the stop at Route 286 at Holiday Park VFD.

Parking Fee:


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Parking Availability:

Weekdays only

Additional Information:

This lot has 92 spaces. Carpool and vanpool parking is not permitted at this location.

Additional amenities include: Paved | Striped | Lighting

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415 Old Abers Creek Road, Plum, PA 15239

Served by these Routes:

P12 Holiday Park Flyer

Transit Frequency during Peak Hours:

Approximately every 10-15 minutes