Port Authority is dedicated to ensuring our customers have an excellent experience while on our system, and one key part of that is making sure our vehicles come when they're supposed to by our improving on-time performance.

With more than 7,000 bus stops in our system, serving every stop makes it more challenging for all of us, and when buses aren't on time, our drivers are stressed, riders become frustrated or even worse -- late for work or school.

So, we've identified bus stops that are really close to each other and have found some opportiunities to consolidate those stops with one nearby. In most cases, there's a stop just a short distance away.

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Before the proposed changes become final, we want to hear your input.

Provide comments:

By Phone: 412-442-2000 
Online: Contact Us

Please include the stop identification number, name of street the bus stop is located on, the nearest intersection and the reason for your comment.