Negley Station on Port Authority's East Busway will be the first station in our Station Improvement Program to undergo construction. Check back with this page for the latest project updates, from the construction timeline to rider impacts and detours.

Construction Timeline

Construction crews will mobilize on the site in November 2021. Intermittent work will occur throughout the winter, with minimal impacts to residents and riders.

Construction is not expected to begin on the site until spring 2022.

The phases below will begin with the start of construction, and are subject to change.

Phase 1: 

For about 4/6 months from the start of construction (spring 2022).

  • The contractor will work on the accessible ramp from S. Negley Avenue to the station.  
  • Due to construction on the S. Negley Avenue entrance, there will be no direct access to or from S. Negley Avenue to the station during this phase and a pedestrian detour must be followed.   
  • Riders who typically enter the station from S. Negley Avenue will proceed down S. Negley towards Ellsworth Avenue, make a left on Ellsworth, and a left on Summerlea Street to enter the station. Additional travel time will be needed. 
  • Sidewalk closures on S. Negley Avenue will affect all pedestrian traffic, not just riders. While some sidewalk closures are anticipated on the station entrance side of S. Negley Avenue during this time, the opposite side of S. Negley Avenue will remain open to pedestrians.  
  • The Summerlea and Pierce Street station entrances will remain open. 


Phase 2 

Start date pending completion of phase 1. 

  • This phase of work will focus on the Summerlea Street entrance, and the inbound and outbound platforms.  
  • Access from S. Negley Avenue will be restored during this phase.  
  • The lower plaza near Summerlea Street will be shut down. Riders will still be able to enter and exit from Summerlea Street.  
  • There will be no cover on the inbound or outbound platforms during part of this phase.  


Phase 3 

Start date pending completion of phase 2. 

  • This last phase of work will focus on the busway, including the addition of a concrete jersey barrier, the installation of new lighting, and milling and paving.  
  • Access from S. Negley Avenue will continue to remain available during this phase.  
  • Milling and paving work on the busway will require overnight and weekend work, which is expected to occur over two extended weekends to minimize impacts and delays.  
  • During weekend work, Negley Station will shut down. Buses that serve the station will detour and serve nearby established stops on Ellsworth Avenue and Summerlea Street. 

View the Public Presentation

Port Authority held an online public meeting on Wednesday, September 1, 2021 to discuss the Negley Station Improvement Project. If you were unable to attend, we welcome you to view a video of the presentation and review the slides. If you have questions or comments, we welcome you to contact us.

Online Public Meeting - September 1, 2021

View the Presentation Slides

Project Overview

The Negley Station Improvement Project is part of our Station Improvement Program. This program is aimed at investing capital resources into existing stations along our East and West Busways and Red, Blue and Silver light rail transit lines to increase ridership and encourage more equitable transit-oriented development. Stations were prioritized based on a detailed evaluation of factors contributing to transit-oriented development, and Negley Station rated as one of the high priority locations. 

In 2017, a Station Area Plan was developed, and stakeholders and the public were engaged to provide feedack. The ultimate goals of this plan were to provide opportunities for future development at the site, increase transit use, improve station access and create a welcoming station design.

When construction is complete, the new station area will include:

  • Improved station visibility and access from South Negley Avenue, Pierce
    Street, Summerlea Street, and Maryland Avenue.
  • New amenities, including station canopies, benches, waste receptacles and bike racks.
  • Improved ADA features, including a wider path with a reduced slope from South Negley Avenue.
  • Safety features, including LED lighting upgrades and a crosswalk with concrete barriers.
  • A new passenger pick-up and drop-off area from Summerlea Street.
  • Landscaping and green infrastructure.


Project Documents

Renderings are for illustrative purposes only. The final project may vary from what is shown.

Click on images to enlarge.

Outbound Canopy View 1


Outbound Canopy View 2


Outbound Canopy Looking Across to Inbound Canopy


Entrance from South Negley Avenue


Crosswalk with Concrete Barriers and Summerlea St. Entrance View 1


Crosswalk with Concrete Barriers and Summerlea St. Entrance View 2


Station View




Plants to be Added at Negley Station
Negley Station will have a new landscape design. While some plants will need to be removed, we will be keeping many existing plants, and will also be adding several plants as part of the new design. These new plants include:

Trees Quantity
Thornless Cockspur Hawthorne 4
Donald Wyman Crabapple 1
Red Jewel Crabapple 1
Zumi Crabapple 3
Spring Snow Crabapple 1
Princeton Sentry Ginko 5
Street Keeper Thornless Honeylocust 4
Rotudiloba Sweet Gum 4
Regal Prince Oak 3
Eastern Redbud 3
Star Magnolia 3
White Spruce 2
Eastern White Pine 1
Gro Low Fragrant Sumac 170
Ornamental Grasses  
Shenandoah Switchgrass 180


Station Area Plan Historical Documents (2017)