Through the Bus Shelter Program, Port Authority assesses existing bus shelters in need of improvement and works to install brand new shelters. We also partner with communities and property owners to identify opportunities for the placement of new shelters. 

While the availability of resources, space and property control limitations prevent many bus stops from being a candidate for the program, our goal is to improve rider amenities where possible.

The Port Authority-owned bus shelters at the following 43 locations will be removed over six weeks beginning August 30, 2021, and replaced with new shelters in late October and early November 2021:

Location Municipality Stop ID # Direction
Oxford Dr at Giant Eagle Bethel Park 5931 Inbound
Soltis Dr at Desiderio (Woodland) Clairton 11324 Inbound/Outbound
Station St at Senior Citizen High-Rise Wilmerding 7801 Inbound/Outbound
Airbrake Ave at Bridge St Wilmerding 7839 Outbound
Middle St at Bridge St Wilmerding 20485 Inbound
McKnight Rd opp Stevens Ross Township 236 Outbound
Castle Shannon Park and Ride Lot Castle Shannon n/a n/a
Large Park and Ride Lot (shelter # 1) Large 98862 Inbound/Outbound
Large Park and Ride Lot (shelter #2) Large 98862 Inbound/Outbound
Large Park and Ride Lot (shelter #3) Large 98862 Inbound/Outbound
Raleigh at Dormont Junction Dormont n/a n/a
Grant Ave at Tri-Boro Turtle Creek 8122 Outbound
James St opp Harper Dr Turtle Creek 18395 Outbound
3rd St at Rt  51 Overpass Elizabeth 11194 Inbound/Outbound
Berry St at Scotia Ingram 4085 Inbound
Broadway Blvd at Broadview Manor Hi-Rise Pitcairn 7755 Inbound
Broadway Blvd opp Broadview Manor Hi-Rise Monroeville 7848 Outbound
Freeport Rd at Target (Harmar) Harmar 3175 Inbound
Penn Center Blvd at Penn Center # 3 Wilkins Township 7501 Inbound
Penn Center Blvd at Penn Towers (Upper) Wilkins Township 7503 Inbound
Penn Center Blvd opp Penn Towers (Upper) Wilkins Township 13590 Outbound
E Railroad St at Collier  Heidelberg 5278 Inbound
Wm Penn Hwy at Kingston F.S. Wilkins Township 7499 Inbound
Helen St at Ella St McKees Rocks 3551 Inbound
Chartiers Ave opp Margaret St McKees Rocks 3629 Inbound
Bower Hill Rd at Cochran Rd Mount Lebanon 6284 Inbound
Bower Hill Rd at Firwood Dr Mount Lebanon 6280 Inbound
Swallow Hill Rd opp The Knolls Mount Lebanon 5811 Inbound
Kane Blvd at Providence Point Blvd Scott Township 18664 Outbound
Duquesne Blvd at Center St Duquesne 10881 Inbound/Outbound
Soltis Dr at Bataan (in lot) Century Townhomes Clairton 9971 Inbound/Outbound
7th St opp Worthington FS Clairton 9847 Outbound
Laketon Rd at Douglas Plaza Wilkinsburg 19432 Inbound
Penn Ave at Ambassador Apts Wilkinsburg 7948 Inbound
Penn Ave opp Princeton Blvd Wilkinsburg 7950 Inbound
Trenton Ave at Penn Ave Wilkinsburg 8227 Inbound
Ohio River Blvd opp Kilbuck (Park and Ride) Glenfield 1373 Inbound
Ohio River Blvd opp Riverview Bellevue 1389 Inbound
Church Ave at Forest Ave Ben Avon 1577 Inbound
Bedford Ave at Mercer Ave Hill District 8739 Outbound
Centre Ave at Negley Ave Shadyside 8889 Inbound
East Liberty Blvd at Negley Run East Liberty 20097 Outbound
Ella St at Liberty Ave Bloomfield 14856 Inbound


The following bus shelters were removed in early August 2021. The old shelters will be replaced with new shelters in late October and early November 2021:

Location Municipality Stop ID # Direction
Dynamo Way at Beech St East Pittsburgh 17422 Inbound
Center Ave at Perry Highway West View 1011 Outbound
Rowland Connector opp High Rise Wilkinsburg 7084 Inbound/Outbound


Previous Bus Shelter Replacements

View an archive of the shelters that have previously been replaced as part of the Bus Shelter Replacement Program.

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If you are a property owner and would like to work with Port Authority to have a bus shelter placed on your property, or if you are a rider with a suggestion for the placement of a new bus shelter, please contact us.

We also encourage you to contact us if you have concerns about the condition of your bus shelter. 

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