As part of Port Authority's commitment to transparency, it's important that we share key performance metrics and system data with the public. 

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Scorecard

This dashboard features ridership and on-time performance both at an agency and a route level. Key performance metrics are shared on a monthly basis. Further metrics will be added over time.


Stop Geo Data Tool

This tool allows you to explore and compare stop-level data for an area and time period of your choice. It is updated monthly with the latest data.


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Interactive System Map

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Open Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

This site hosts all public geographic datasets for Port Authority, including current and historical route and stop data, park and ride locations, service walksheds, fare vending locations, and more. Data is available in a variety of formats and is updated frequently. 

Access Port Authority Open GIS Data


Western PA Regional Data Center 

Port Authority publishes system and performance data for open use on the Western PA Regional Data Center (WPRDC), the region’s portal for open data from government and non-profit agencies.

You can download data on transit routes and stops, ridership, on-time performance, bus stop usage and more on WPRDC.

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If you don't see what you need here, please contact us. We provide raw Automated Passenger Counter (APC) ridership data and other datasets on request.

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