We will be rehabilitating 18 high platform light rail stations over the next 2 years. 

Project Plan

In 2021 the board approved a total of $10.8 million to complete the project, which will include repairing the concrete platforms, repairing, and replacing metal railings, replacing tactile pads, refurbishing overhead canopies, and painting various areas of the station. 

Due to the unexpected closure of the Saw Mill Run Boulevard Bridge, and the Red Line being out of service, we have expedited this project. Starting this work earlier than expected gives us the rare opportunity to work on a station while it's not in use.

We are also seeking to identify other stations where it may be possible to take further advantage of the bridge outage by beginning work early. Should any other work be scheduled, the Authority will provide more advanced notice.

Fallowfield and Potomac Station Construction

Work began at Fallowfield Station in Pittsburgh’s Beechview neighborhood on Monday, February 14, 2022. 

Work is expected to begin at Potomac Station in Dormont on Monday, March 7, 2022. Service will not be impacted at this time.

Crews will work weekdays from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., although weekends may be used as make-up days. 

Phases of Work: Overview

*Station is currently under construction.

Phase 1 (6 months)
 Mt. Lebanon

Phase 2 (6 months)
 Willow/Overbrook Junction
 Washington Junction
 Castle Shannon

Phase 3 (6 months)
 Boggs/Bon Air
 Denise/South Bank
 McNeilly/Killarney/Memorial Hall

Phase 4 (6 months)
 South Hills Village/Lytle/Library
 First Avenue


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