Archived RFBs

  • Q200767A

    Q200767A (Affordable Care Act Reporting)

  • Q200652

    Q200652 (Battery Powered Forklift)

  • Q200869A

    Q200869A (Bus Manufacturing Inspection Oversight Services)

  • Q200648A1

    Q200648A1 (KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Subscription)

  • Q200765

    Q200765 (VMWare vSphere & vCenter Support)

  • Q200649

    Q200649 (Headsign Programming Cable)

  • Q200433R

    Q200433R (Abrasive Blasting Cabinet System)

  • B20-06-50A

    B20-06-50A (Cleaning of Oil/Water Separators)

  • Q1912105AR

    Q1912105AR (Windshield Washing Solution)

  • B200653A

    B200653A (Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid - Bulk)

  • REV200759A

    REV200759A (Lease and Operation of Wabash HOV Parking Facility)

  • B200651A

    B200651A (Rock Salt - Bagged)

  • B200437AR

    B200437AR (Antifreeze - Coolant - Ready To Use)

  • B200539A1A

    B200539A1A (Oil, Fuel, and Antifreeze Analysis Services)

  • B200538A

    B200538A (Wiper Arm Assemblies - Coach)

  • Q200545A

    Q200545A (Differential Gear Lubricant)

  • Q200542A

    Q200542A (Barracuda Virtual SPAM Firewall Support Renewal)

  • Q200541

    Q200541 (Dewatering Pumps)

  • Q20-04-33

    Q20-04-33 (Abrasive Blasting Cabinet System)

  • Q200544

    Q200544 (Tie Plates for 100-8 Rail)

  • Q200543

    Q200543 (Pre-Cast Concrete Grade Crossings)

  • B200437A

    B200437A (Antifreeze - Coolant - Ready To Use)

  • B200432A

    B200432A (Coach Replacement Parts – Articulated Bus Bellows)

  • B200434A1

    B200434A1 (Hybrid Powertrain Rotor Assemblies – Coach)

  • Q200425

    Q200425 (Tableau Maintenance Software Renewal)

  • Q200315

    Q200315 (Grade Crossing Improvements - Blank-Out Signs)

  • Q200428

    Q200428 (LRV LED Headlights)

  • Q200323

    Q200323 (LRV Voltage Sensors for ICON M)

  • B200427A

    B200427A (Magnetic Track Brake Suspension Replacement Parts)

  • B200314A

    B200314A (Coach Replacement Parts - Suspension)

  • B200426

    B200426 (LRV Split Disc Brake Rotor Kit)

  • B200429A

    B200429A (Primary Suspension Springs - LRV)

  • B200322

    B200322 (LRV Intermediate Voltage Power Supply Inverter Rep)

  • B200313

    B200313 (LED Lighting Fixtures & Controls)

  • SYS-20-02

    Central Business District Tunnel Lighting and Conduit Replacement

  • Q200104A

    Q200104A (Vegetation Control Products)

  • B20-02-09A

    Bio-Diesel Fuel

  • Q200212A

    Q200212A (Refrigerants)

  • B200208A

    B200208A (Coach Replacement Parts - Body)

  • B200211A

    B200211A (Coach Replacement Parts - Air Conditioning)

  • B200207A

    B200207A (Testing & Validation Services)

  • B200210

    B200210 (LRV Air Supply Unit Inverter Replacements)

  • B200101A1

    B200101A1 (Connectbands)

  • SHV-20-01 G,P,E

    South Hills Village Rail Center Pit Restoration & Parking Garage Restoratio

  • B1912103A1

    B1912103A1 (On-Call Plumbing Services)

  • Q200105

    Q200105 (Backgauge for Accurpress)

  • B200102A

    B200102A (Equipment Cleaner)

  • Q200106A

    Q200106A (Seat Cushion/Foam Padding)

  • Q200103

    Q200103 (Braille Tags - Bus)

  • Q191194AR

    Q191194AR (Aerosol Spray Coatings)

  • B1912107

    B1912107 (Bombardier Propulsion System Circut Card R/R)

  • B1912106

    B1912106 (115 lb. RE Steel Rail)

  • B1912104A

    B1912104A (Janitorial Supplier-Paper)

  • Q191195

    Q191195 (Wheel Profile Measurement System)

  • Q1911101AR

    Q1911101AR (Disposable Shopcoats & Coveralls)

  • Q1912102A

    Q1912102A (Receipt Paper)

  • Q1912105A

    Q1912105A (Windshield Washing Solution)

  • B190322AR1

    B190322AR1 (Asbestos Free Brake Blocks Assembled On Shoes)

  • B191084A1

    B191084A1 (Cleaning Solvent Service)

  • B191198A

    B191198A (Coach Radiator Assemblies)

  • Q1911101

    Q1911101 (Disposable Coveralls and Shop Coats)

  • Q191080A

    Q191080A (Masking Tape)

  • B19-11-93A

    Unleaded Gasoline

  • Q1911100

    Q1911100 (Housing Units for Lights and Mounting Hardware)

  • Q191196A

    Q191196A (Projector Lamps)

  • Q191194A

    Q191194A (Aerosol Spray Coating Products)

  • B191076A

    B191076A (Brake Drums)

  • B191077A1

    B191077A1 (Upholstery Fabric)

  • B191081A

    B191081A (Printer Supplies Parts Maintenance & Repairs)

  • B191085A

    B191085A (Cooling Replacement Parts - Coach)

  • B191079A

    B191079A (Reman/Exchange Fuel Injectors - Cummins Engines)

  • B191083A

    B191083A (Refresh Kits for Energy Storage System - ESS)

  • SYS-19-09 AB-GHE Rebid

    Roofing and Mechanical Upgrades at Manchester, East Liberty, and West Miffl

  • Q191078A

    Q191078A (Emergency Release Response)

  • B191075A

    B191075A (Diesel Engine Oil)

  • SYS-19-07

    Mt. Washington Tunnel Electrical System Improvements

  • B190974A

    B190974A (Landscaping & Trash Removal Service for P & R Lots)

  • B190964A

    B190964A (Snow Removal Services - Park & Ride Lots)

  • B190427AR

    B190427AR (Turbochargers - Cummins Engines)

  • B190965A

    B190965A (Replacement Parts - EGR Coolers (Cummins Engines))

  • B190859AR

    B190859AR (Bicycle Racks - Coach)

  • Q190967A

    Q190967A (Transformer Oil, Sampling, Testing & Reporting)

  • Q190862

    Q190862 (Effective Technical Writing Training)

  • Q190859A

    Q190859A (Bicycle Racks - Coach)

  • B190858A

    B190858A (Environmental Sampling, Testing & Reporting)

  • B190860A

    B190860A (Rock Salt - Bulk)

  • B190857A

    B190857A (Automatic Trip Stop Detecting Unit Antennas - LRV)

  • SYS-19-08

    Mechanical Improvements at Various Facilities

  • Q190856

    Q190856 (Wheel Axle Press Maintenance & Service)

  • Q190538AR

    Q190538AR (Carpet, Upholstery& Window Cleaning)

  • Q190650R

    Q190650R (LED Lighting Fixtures - SHJ - Bldg 5)

  • SCRAP19-06-40

    Non Revenue Scrap Sale

  • B190755

    B190755 (Special Trackwork - Tread-Bearing Crossing Frogs)

  • B190643A

    B190643A (CCTV & Card Access System Maintenance)

  • Q190754

    Q190754 (Trash Receptacles)

  • B190532A1

    B190532A1 (Elevator & Escalator Spare Parts)

  • B190753

    B190753 (LRV HVAC Micro Control Cards)

  • B190427A1

    B190427A1 (Turbochargers - Cummins Engines)

  • B190752A

    B190752A (Axle Box Roller Bearings)

  • B190533AR

    B190533AR (Air Channels - LRV)

  • SYS-19-09 G,H,E

    Roof and HVAC Upgrades at Manchester, East Liberty & West Mifflin

  • Q190751

    Q190751 (Overhead Coiling Grille - North Side Station)

  • Q190538A

    Q190538A (Carpet, Upholstery & Window Cleaning)

  • Q190536R

    Q190536R (LRV Communications System Analyzer)

  • Q190650

    Q190650 (LED Lighting Fixtures - SHJ - Bldg 5)

  • Q190642A

    Q190642A (Differential Gear Lubricant)

  • B190320

    B190320 (Underfloor Wheel Lathe Replacement)

  • B190426A-1

    B190426A-1 (Pest Control Services)

  • B190533A

    B190533A (Air Channels - LRV)

  • B190423A

    B190423A (Elevator & Escalator Maintenance Service)

  • B190529A

    B190529A (Contactles Smart Fare Media ConnectCards)

  • B190319AR

    B190319AR (Avaya Support Advantage)

  • Q190531

    Q190531 (Explosives Detection K-9 & Handler Training)

  • B190429-1

    B190429-1 (Rail-Rated 4G Modems)

  • Q190530

    Q190530 (Battery Powered Forklift)

  • B190427A

    B190427A (Turbochargers - Cummins Engines)

  • Q190428A

    Q190428A (Spray Injection Patching Service)

  • Q190424A

    Q190424A (Nimble HPE Support Services)

  • B190322A

    B190322A (Asbestos Free Brake Blocks Assembled On Shoes)

  • B190429

    B190429 (Rail-Rated 4G Modems)

  • SYS-19-03 Rebid

    Wood Street & Steel Plaza Stations Sidewalk & Stair Rehabilitation

  • B181064AR

    B181064AR (Connect Tix Smart Fare Media)

  • SYS-19-05 G,P,E

    Collier/Manchester Garage Bus Lift Improvements

  • B190319A

    B190319A (Avaya Support Advantage)

  • B190321

    B190321 (Multiband GPS Transit Antennas & Sealant)

  • B190105AR

    B190105AR (Wide Area Network Fiber Optic Connectivity)

  • Q190218

    Q190218 (Railroad Cross Ties)

  • SYS-19-06 G, E

    State of Good Repairs - LRT Stations

  • Q190213AR

    Q190213AR (Gasoline Engine Oil)

  • Q190209R

    Q190209R (IT Service Vehicles)

  • LRT-19-04

    Mt Washington Tunnel South Portal & Rail Replacement

  • B190208

    B190208 (Front End Loader)

  • B190214

    B190214 (Cisco Equipment & SmartNet Support)

  • B190212A

    B190212A (Pantograph Carbon Collector Strips)

  • B190210

    B190210 (4-Wheel Drive Diesel Powered Work Trucks)

  • Q1901-06A

    Q1901-06A (Chassis & Wheel Bearing Lubricant)

  • B190211

    B190211 (115 LB Steel Rail)

  • Q190103A

    Q190103A (Coach Replacement Parts - Air Dryer Brakes)

  • Q190209

    Q190209 (IT Service Vehicles)

  • SYS-19-02 GH,GB,P&E

    General Ancillary Services - Construction- General Heavy Highway; General B

  • SYS-19-03

    Wood Street & Steel Plaza Sidewalk & Stair Replacement

  • B190102

    B190102 (Pre-Fabricated Fare Booths)

  • B190105A

    B190105A (Wide Area Network Fiber Optic Connectivity)

  • B190107A

    B190107A (Diesel Exhaust Fluid-DEF (Urea))

  • B190104A

    B190104A (Transit Advertising Installation Service)

  • Q190101A

    Q190101A (Nintex Software Assurance)

  • Q18-12-77A

    Floor Scrubber Liquid Cleaner

  • Q181173A

    Q181173A (Windshield Washing Solution)

  • B181276

    B181276 (4G Replacement Modems)

  • SYS-19-01

    CCTV Camera Project

  • B181175A

    B181175A (HVAC On Call Services)

  • B181172

    B181172 (Overhead Catenary Line Truck)

  • B181068A1

    B181068A1 (Rail Track Brake Replacement Parts)

  • Q181066AR

    Q181066AR (Overhead Power Cable)

  • Q180847R

    Q180847R (Dewatering Pumps)

  • B180422R

    B180422R (Substation Equipment - DC Breakers)

  • Q180960A

    Vehicle Liquid Cleaner

  • REV18-11-70A

    Waste Oil Removal Service

  • 18-09-59 Scrap

    Coach Scrap Sale

  • Scrap 18-09-59

    Coach Scrap Sale

  • B181061

    B181061 (Bus Simulator)

  • B181064A

    B181064A (Connect Tix Smart Fare Media)

  • B181062A

    B181062A (Bus Batteries - Wet Type)

  • B181069A

    B181069A (Air, Oil, Coolant, Transmission, & Fuel Filters)

  • Q181063

    Q181063 (Escalator Stair Treads)

  • B180957

    B180957 (Hi-Rail Crane)

  • Q18-10-67

    Q18-10-67 (Dell 5414 Rugged Laptops)

  • SYS-18-12 G,P,E

    Wash Rack Replacement at Ross, Collier Garages - Cyclone Installation at Ro

  • Q181066A

    Q181066A (Overhead Power Cables)

  • Q180848R

    Q180848R (Catenary Poles)

  • Q180958

    Q180958 (Dell R740 Servers)

  • B180955A

    Leasing & Servicing of Coach Tires

  • B180851A

    B180851A (Bus Batteries)

  • Q180954A

    Q180954A (Janitorial Supplies-Soap Products)

  • B171178AR3

    B171178AR3 (Processed Stone)

  • B180953A

    B180953A (Janitorial Supplies-Cleaning Products)

  • B180952A

    B180952A (Janitorial Supplies - General)

  • B180956A

    B180956A (Wheel Flange Lubrication Sticks - LRV)

  • B1806-36

    B1806-36 (Garage Doors)

  • WM-18-11

    West Mifflin Division Garage Oil/Water Separator Replacement Project

  • Q180848

    Q180848 (Catenary Poles)

  • Q180847

    Q180847 (Portable Dewatering Pumps)

  • Q180743A

    Q180743A (Refrigerants)

  • Q180741AR

    Q180741AR (Train to Wayside Command Code Control Boxes for LR)

  • Q180850A

    Q180850A (Barracuda Message Archiver Support)

  • SYS-18-09 Rebid GPE

    Paint Booth Installation at Ross and East Liberty Garages

  • B180745AR

    B180745AR (Chemical Detection Systems Inspection/Maintenance)

  • B18-07-46A

    Fastener Supply Service

  • B180528-01

    B180528-01 (115 LB Steel Rail)

  • SYS-18-10H

    Ancillary Services - HVAC Construction

  • Q180525R

    Q180525R (LRV HVAC Micro Control Cards)

  • MAN-18-07 G,H,P,E

    Manchester Garage Engine Test Facility

  • Q180740A

    Q180740A (LRV Axle Boxes - CAF 4300 Series)

  • REV17-11-79AR

    Vending Machine Service

  • B18-07-44A

    B18-07-44A (Operators, Supervisors, & Maintenance Uniforms)

  • B180527

    B180527 (Service Information Displays)

  • Q180637A

    Q180637A (Aluminum Hydraulic Block Assemblies)

  • Q180742

    Q180742 (Trash Receptacles)

  • Q180638A

    Q180638A (Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste Removal & Dispos)

  • Q180741A

    Q180741A (Train to Wayside Command Code Control Boxes for LR)

  • Q180635A

    Q180635A (Episerver Support)

  • Q180526

    Q180526 (VM Ware Professional Service Organization Credits)

  • Q180533A

    Q180533A (Infrastructure Equipment Maintenance)

  • SYS-18-09 G,H,P,E

    Paint Booth Installation at Ross, East Liberty and South Hills Junction Bui

  • B180525

    B180525 (LRV HVAC Micro Control Card Assembly)

  • B180534A

    B180534A (HVAC and Refrigeration Service and Maintenance)

  • B180532A

    Solid Waste Removal & Disposal / Lamp Recycling

  • B180529A

    B180529A (Elevator and Escalator Inspection Services)

  • B180531A

    B180531A (Fire Alarm System Testing & Certification)

  • B171181AR

    B171181AR (Non-Destructive Testing of Rail for Internal Flaws)

  • B180210AR

    B180210AR (Meritor Drive Train & Front Axle Parts)

  • B180530A

    B180530A (Ready to Use Coolant/Anti-Freeze)

  • B170642AR5

    B170642AR5 (Cummins ISB Engine Replacement Parts)

  • Q180524

    Q180524 (Torque Wrenches)

  • SYS-18-01

    Bridge Restoration Group

  • SYS-18-04

    LED Lighting Upgrades

  • Q18-03-17

    Q18-03-17 (Dump Body Repairs)

  • B18-03-21A

    B18-03-21A (Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid)

  • Q18-03-18A

    Q18-03-18A (Rotor Assemblies - Hybrid Coach)

  • B180422

    B180422 (Substation Equipment - DC Breakers)

  • B180319A

    B180319A (Maintenance Inspect Test - Fire Protection Systems)

  • B18-03-20A

    B18-03-20A (Wiper Arm Assemblies - Coach)

  • B180215A

    B180215A (Diesel Engine Oil)

  • Q18-02-07A

    Q18-02-07A (Qualys Software and Support)

  • B170642AR4

    B170642AR4 (Cummins ISB Engine Replacement Parts)

  • EL-18-06

    East Liberty Facility Garage Tank Replacement

  • Q180211

    Q180211 (APC Smart-UPS Equipment)

  • B180102AR

    B180102AR (Magnetic Track Brake Suspension Replacement Parts)

  • B180103A

    Bio Diesel Fuel

  • B171178ARR

    B171178ARR (Processed Stone)

  • Q180216

    Q180216 (Nintex Workflow & Forms)

  • Q180208A

    Q180208A (Remanufactured - Exchange Fuel Injectors)

  • EB-18-03

    North Braddock Avenue Bridge Replacement

  • B180213A

    B180213A (EGR Coolers)

  • B180209A

    B180209A (Coach Replacement Parts - Body)

  • B180105A

    B180105A (Coach Replacement Parts - Air Conditioning)

  • B180106A

    B180106A (LRV Wheel Assemblies)

  • B180212A

    B180212A (Rug Rental & Laundering Service)

  • B180104A

    B180104A (Coach Replacement Parts - Suspension)

  • B180210A

    B180210A (Meritor Drive Train & Front Axle Parts)

  • B170642AR3

    B170642AR3 (Cummins ISB Engine Replacement Parts)

  • SHJ-18-05

    Embedded Light Rail Turnout Replacement

  • B180101

    B180101 (Refurbishment of Railcar Trucks (Motor and Center))

  • B171178AR

    B171178AR (Processed Stone)

  • B180102A

    B180102A (Magnetic Track Brake Suspension Replacement Parts)

  • B170639AR1

    B170639AR1 (Transit Bus Replacement Parts (Engine))

  • B171180A

    B171180A (Rail Flash Butt Welding)

  • B171286

    B171286 (Telehandler)

  • Q171287

    Q171287 (Office Chairs for Customer Service Center)

  • B171285

    B171285 (Nimble Hardware & Support Services)

  • B171284

    B171284 (Portable Radios for Police)

  • B171181A

    B171181A (Non-Destructive Testing of Rail for Internal Flaws)

  • B171183

    B171183 (Desktop Devices)

  • B17-09-70

    B17-09-70 (LRV Bike Racks)

  • B171182A

    B171182A (LRV Axle Replacement Parts)

  • SHJ-18-02

    South Hills Junction Roof Preservation Buildings 2, 4 & 5

  • REV17-11-79A

    Vending Machine Services

  • SYS-17-11 Rebid

    Radio/Microwave Tower Sites and SHV Parking Garage Power Systems

  • SYS-17-11

    Radio/Microwave Tower Sites and SHV Parking Garage Power Systems

  • SYS-17-09-G,P,E

    Y17 Garage Bus Lift Improvements: East Liberty Garage and Ross Garage

  • B170854

    B1708054 (Turnout Frogs)

  • B170849

    B170849 (Turnout Components)

  • B170855

    B170855 (Crossing Frogs)

  • Q170850

    Q170850 (Motorized Jib Crane)