Below you will find frequently asked questions related to Port Authority’s procurement processes and procedures.

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Why does Port Authority have performance bonding requirements?        

How do I navigate the eBusiness website?        

Why doesn’t Port Authority use cooperative contracts?        

Why does Port Authority bid some contracts as a “line item” award while others are “all items required for the bid or nothing”?        

Has Port Authority considered accepting unsolicited proposals, pilots, etc. for small dollar amount projects or potentially innovative solutions from professional services vendors for direct award?        

Are there any efforts to improve the forms and paperwork process for construction projects?        

For construction management assignments, does Port Authority require that my company have staffing with prior Port Authority experience?        

Why does Port Authority’s procurement process seem to take longer than the procurement process for other, similar public agencies?        

Why does Port Authority use a process that seems to have more steps to procure professional services than many other agencies require?        

Why are proposals for professional services required to be at least 50 pages?        

How can my small to mid-size firm compete against larger sized firms to have an opportunity to do business with Port Authority? How can my company find a partner to align with?        

How can my small business manage a contract with Port Authority without the resources of some of the larger firms?        

Will my small DBE be able to meet Port Authority’s insurance requirements?        

Has Port Authority every considered having a small business ombudsman to directly interface with procurement and all departments that small businesses need to touch?        

How can my company stay informed of new solicitations and projects?