Want to avoid the line? Help test our new "Buy Online" option.

As you probably know, Port Authority is in the process of transitioning from paper passes to a new smart card system- called ConnectCard. And now, it’s even more convenient to purchase your Port Authority passes and pay your fares.

As part of the transition, Port Authority installed dozens of new ConnectCard vending machines along the T and busways and is preparing to introduce another new option- Online ConnectCard Management. This option will enable you to value and revalue your ConnectCard without ever leaving your home or office. 

But, before we can introduce it we need to test it first. We are looking for approximately 50-100 frequent riders to participate in an upcoming pilot program that will last about two months.

To be considered for the pilot program, you:

  1. Must use a ConnectCard to purchase your Port Authority passes and pay fares.
  2. Must frequently ride one of the following routes:

·         44- Knoxville

·         51- Carrick

·         51L- Carrick Limited

·         52L- Homeville Limited

·         53- Homestead Park  

·         53L- Homestead Park Limited

·         56- Lincoln Place

·         57- Hazelwood

·         59- Mon valley

·         60- Walnut-Crawford Village

·         61A- Wilkinsburg via Forbes Avenue

·         61B- Braddock-Swissvale

·         61C- McKeesport-Homestead

·         61D- Murray

·         64- Lawrenceville-Waterfront

·         65- Squirrel Hill

·         81- Oak Hill

·         83- Webster

·         P3- East Busway-Oakland

·         P7- McKeesport Flyer

·         P76- Lincoln Highway Flyer

·         Y1- Large Flyer

·         Y45- Baldwin Manor Flyer

·         Y46- Elizabeth Flyer

·         Y47- Curry Flyer

·         Y49- Prospect Flyer


  1. Must agree to complete a brief survey(s) about your experience.

Still interested? Please sign up here.

You will be notified if selected and will Port Authority will issue you a free ConnectCard with instructions on how to use it. All participants will be required to pay their own fares.

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