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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Requests for Service


Click here to submit a service request for FY2019.

Allegheny County is constantly changing, and as it changes its transit system should evolve as well. Port Authority has developed a process for collecting Service Requests in conjunction with our Service Guidelines to evaluate all incoming requests in a consistent and transparent manner. When major adjustments to service can be made, these changes should improve our overall service by increasing our efficiency with resources, our effectiveness at taking people where they want to go, and our ability to serve those with limited alternative transit options.

This process is comprised of the following key stages:

Evaluation of proposals will be conducted for major changes only, to include:

  • Addition or removal of a route
  • Permanent changes to the routing of a bus route that comprise more than 30 percent of the route

Evaluation of Requests

After proposals are collected, they will be evaluated to determine feasibility of implementation by the Authority. The Authority reserves the right to immediately dismiss any proposal it deems unfeasible at any point in order to use staff time and resources efficiently to evaluate realistic and potentially feasible service proposals. Proposals will be evaluated in the three main categories with which the Authority uses as its goals for service;

  • Efficiency of a service proposal will be evaluated using assumed costs/savings of the proposal against projected ridership growth/reduction and assumed fare revenue changes.  The overall measure of efficiency will be the projected net cost / savings per passenger gained / lost.
  • Effectiveness of a service proposal will be evaluated qualitatively using a range of factors, including changes to straightforwardness, symmetry, coordination, walkable service area, span of service, frequency of service, travel time, or on time performance of a route.
  • Equity of a service proposal will be evaluated based on the demographics of the population which the service serves (as defined by the ¼ mile walkable area surrounding stops / stations). Services are categorized as more equitable if they provide access to a target subpopulation at a higher percentage than the entire PAAC service area population.  Targeted subpopulations include low income and minority populations protected under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, senior citizens and riders with disabilities. View the Transit Equity presentation.

Each proposal will receive a score for each of the three categories.  The three categories will then be combined into an overall score. Requests with the highest scores will be prioritized for implementation in the following service year if resources are available to expand service.

Notification of Decisions

Port Authority will release a prioritized list of requests along with an Annual Service Report in late spring.  A complete list of all requests submitted to Port Authority and their 4 scores (efficiency, effectiveness, equity, and overall) will also be made available upon request and on Port Authority’s website.

Note: Port Authority will not individually contact requesters with the results of their request.

2016 Annual Service Report Report    
2015 Annual Service Report Report   Appendix


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