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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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New Buses

Out with the old…

In with the new 90 buses that Port Authority will be adding to its fleet between now and January. We’re getting 30 new 35’ buses and 60 new 40’ buses.  The 35’ high floor buses will be retired and the remaining routes without TrueTime will be equipped with GPS tracking (that means your 4, 7, 11, 40, 43 & 44 will have TrueTime by January). With our newest additions, we will improve overall emissions and reduce the average age of our bus fleet to 6.9 years. Additionally, we will lower the cost it takes to maintain our buses.


We’re modernizing our fleet.

We've put 325 new buses into service over the last five years, and we're replacing another 85 buses in 2017. Our new buses are full of fresh things to improve the rider experience, including:
·         new interior panels and fabric
·         a new farebox light
·         safety bars for front forward-facing seats
·         a state of the art wheelchair ramp
·         rear door unlock alerts for increased safety
·         GPS tracking/TrueTime
·         a more neutral interior color scheme
·         turning lights on the mirrors for safety
·         heightened temperature control
·         added cameras for safety

Latest and Greatest Exhaust Emissions

Our new buses operate on the lowest-emission engines to keep pollutants out of our air. Each engine hosts a physical diesel particulate filter that captures particulate matter. Additionally, all fuel goes through catalytic reduction technology, to scrub the exhaust of nitrogen oxides and particulates, all the bad stuff that causes smog and health problems.
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