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Monday, September 26, 2016
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How To Pay

When to Pay

In most cases, riders should pay upon boarding when heading inbound (toward Downtown Pittsburgh) and upon exiting when heading outbound (away from Downtown Pittsburgh). This helps to ensure that riders board and depart vehicles quickly.

After 7 p.m., bus riders pay as they board, regardless of direction or location.


  • Any ride taken within the Free Fare Zone
  • Monongahela Incline: Pay at Grandview Avenue (Upper Station)
  • Duquesne Incline: Pay at Carson Street (Lower Station)
  • The following bus routes are pay upon entry at all times:
    • 11 Fineview
    • 28X Airport Flyer
    • 54 North Side-Oakland-South Side
    • G2 West Busway-All Stops
    • Any route not entering Downtown, except for 61D Greenfield (61D short trips from Oakland to Greenfield), 75 Ellsworth and P3 East Busway-Oakland. On 61D Greenfield, riders should pay upon exiting. On 75 Ellsworth and P3 East-Busway Oakland, riders should pay upon entry when heading inbound (toward Oakland) and pay upon exiting when heading outbound (away from Oakland).

How to Pay

Port Authority vehicle operators and off-board fare collectors do not carry change nor do they make change. Riders must pay with exact fare. All cash and coins must be deposited in the farebox by the rider. Our fareboxes accept bills up to $20 (excluding $2 bills) and all coins except for pennies and 50-cent coins.

Before paying, please let the operator or fare collector know if you need a transfer.

Riders paying with tickets and transfers should hand them to the operator or fare collector.

Riders using passes or ID cards (such as senior citizens or students/staff in our university pass program) should show their pass, except for ConnectCard users and university smart card users, who should tap their cards on the orange pad on the farebox.

Fare Evasion Policy

All persons determined to be using fraudulent fare instruments will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

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