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Friday, December 09, 2016
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Port Authority Fare Structure

Port Authority will be changing its fare structure beginning Jan. 1, 2017. CLICK HERE for more information.


Fare Zones

Port Authority uses a zone-based fare structure. The amount of fare is based on trip length originating from Downtown Pittsburgh. Higher fares are paid for trips crossing more than one zone. View compete details on Port Authority zones.

How to Pay

Generally, fares are paid as the rider boards when heading inbound (toward Downtown/Oakland), or exits when heading outbound (away from Downtown/Oakland). This is in effect before 7 p.m. to reduce congestion in the busy parts of the city. After 7 p.m., bus riders should pay as they board, regardless of direction. View exceptions to this rule.

Forms of Payment

Riders may pay using cash (exact change only), ConnectCards and ConnecTix, prepaid tickets, passes, transfers or by showing identification for other special fare programs, such as senior ID cards.

Passes and stored cash value can be loaded onto Port Authority's fare card, called the ConnectCard. Visit ConnectCard.org for details on ConnectCard and ConnecTix, including information on where to purchase.



 Full Fare Prices

  Full Fare Transfer*  Light Rail Surcharge**
Free Zone Free N/A  None
1 Zone $2.50 $1.00  + $0.75
2 Zones $3.75 $1.00  + $0.75
Inclines $2.50 $1.00  None

Half Fare Prices
Applies to children ages 6-11 and persons with disabilities

  Half Fare Transfer*  Light Rail Surcharge**
Free Zone Free N/A  None
1 Zone $1.25 $0.50 + $0.35
2 Zones $1.85 $0.50 + $0.35
Inclines $1.25 $0.50  None


Riders may purchase transfers for $1.00. Transfers allow a one-zone ride in any direction aboard a connecting vehicle or your return trip. Transfers are valid for three hours. The transfer price for children (ages 6-11) and persons with disabilities is $0.50. Riders using passes do not need transfers.

There are select points in the system where riders may transfer for no additional cost. Cash-paying riders may request a continuation transfer or "CT" when paying their fare. CTs are available for the following connections and are valid for one hour: 
Issued On Accepted On
20-21-22-24 outbound to riders boarding on West Carson St. opposite Tabor St.  20-21-22-24 on West Carson St. between Tabor St. and Corliss Tunnel
20-21-22-24-26-27-29-31-G2-G3-G31 outbound opposite Duquesne Incline Duquesne Incline 
Duquesne Incline  20-21-22-24-26-27-29-31-G2-G3-G31 inbound at Duquesne Incline 
39-40-41-43-44-48-51-51L-Y1-Y45-Y46-Y47-Y49 and all T lines outbound at Station Square  Monongahela Incline 
Monongahela Incline  39-40-41-43-44-48-51-51L-Y1-Y45-Y46-Y47-Y49 and all T lines inbound at Station Square 
40 Mt. Washington inbound or outbound  Monongahela Incline 
Monongahela Incline  40 Mt. Washington inbound or outbound 
40 Mt. Washington inbound or outbound  Duquesne Incline 
Duquesne Incline   40 Mt. Washington inbound or outbound  
Red Line outbound at Overbrook Junction  Blue Line outbound from Willow Station 
Blue Line inbound from stops south of Willow Red Line inbound at Overbrook Junction 

**Light Rail Surcharge

T riders pay a surcharge on cash fares on weekdays between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. on inbound trips and 4 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. on outbound trips. The cash surcharge for riders in any zone is $0.75 for adults and $0.35 for children (ages 6-11) and persons with disabilities.

Fares for Children

  • Children age 5 and under may ride for free when accompanied by a fare-paying passenger. A maximum of four children may ride for free with one fare-paying passenger.
  • Children ages 6 through 11 pay a half fare.
  • Children and teens age 12 and older pay an adult fare.

Fares for Seniors

Senior citizens age 65 or over who present a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Senior Citizen ID Card or a Medicare card at the time of fare payment are entitled to ride free on the bus, T or Mon Incline at all times thanks to a special program funded by Pennsylvania Lottery proceeds. Learn more.

Fares for Persons with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities presenting a disabled person's Medicare card or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Reduced Transit Fare card at the time of fare payment are entitled to ride for half fare at all times. Riders with disabilities may also use a reduced fare ConnectCard, available from Port Authority's Downtown Service Center at 534 Smithfield StreetLearn more.

Please print out and complete this application (PDF). For instructions on how to complete the application, please click here (PDF).

Unlimited Passes

New ConnectCards loaded with passes may be purchased at the Downtown Service Center at 534 Smithfield Street or from numerous retailers located throughout Port Authority's service area. Existing cards may be reloaded with passes at these locations or at ConnectCard machines. View our Where to Buy page for a complete listing.

Passes provide unlimited rides within a certain calendar period.






1 Zone     




2 Zones




*Weekly passes are valid for a calendar week, beginning at 12:01 a.m. Sunday through the following Saturday's end of service.

**Monthly passes are valid for a calendar month.

***Annual passes are priced at 11 times the monthly zone pass price and provide customers with the equivalent of one free month of travel. Annual passes are only available for purchase at the Downtown Service Center.


ACCESS is shared ride door-to-door transit, serving primarily senior citizens and persons with disabilities. This service is available by advance reservation and offers transit throughout Port Authority's service area.

Fares vary according to eligibility and distance traveled. For more information, call ACCESS at 412-562-5353.


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