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Thursday, July 20, 2017
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Board Committees

Governance Committee

  • Robert Hurley, chair
  • Constance Parker 
  • John L. Tague, Jr.
  • D. Raja
  • Staff Liaisons: Ellen McLean and Michael Cetra, Esq.

Headed by the Board Chair and consisting of the Chairs of the other three standing governing committees plus Port Authority's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Governance Committee is responsible for the effective functioning of the Port Authority Board of Directors and for the maintenance and development of the working relationship between the Board and CEO. In this capacity, it is accountable for:

  • Coordinating the functioning of the Port Authority Board and its three other standing governing committees as well as any ad hoc committees, keeping the Board Governing Mission updated, setting Board member performance standards and monitoring Board member performance.
  • Recommending revisions to the Port Authority Bylaws in the interest of strong governing and management of Port Authority affairs.
  • Developing and keeping an updated profile of preferred Board member attributes and qualifications, and fashioning and executing strategies to promote the appointment of qualified candidates to fill Board vacancies.
  • Developing and overseeing execution of a formal Board member capacity-building program, including such elements as orientation of new members, continuing education and training, and a mentoring program pairing new Board members with senior Board members.
  • Ensuring that the Chief Executive Officer position description is updated as necessary to reflect changing Port Authority needs, priorities and circumstances.
  • Annually negotiating Chief Executive Officer performance targets and annually or semi-annually evaluating the Chief Executive Officer’s progress in achieving these targets.

Planning & Stakeholder Relations Committee

  • John L. Tague, Jr., chair
  • Thomas E. Donatelli, P.E.
  • Robert J. Kania, Jr. 
  • D. Raja
  • Jeffrey W. Letwin, Esq.
  • Staff Liaison: Jim Ritchie 

The Planning & Stakeholder Relations Committee is accountable for developing and leading the Board's participation in all Port Authority short- and long-range planning, including annual budget preparation, and for overseeing the development of the Authority’s financial resources. In addition, and as part of the planning and resource development process, this Committee shall have primary responsibility for engaging Port Authority's customers, elected officials, other stakeholders and constituencies, and the general public. In this capacity, it is accountable for:

  • Reaching agreement with the Chief Executive Officer on the detailed design of Port Authority’s planning and budget development cycle, with special attention to the Board's role in planning, and on the annual planning calendar to ensure that the Board participates fully and proactively in the planning process.
  • Overseeing preparation for, and hosting of, the periodic Board-Executive Team strategic planning work session to commence the annual planning cycle.
  • Recommending to the full Board the issues on which Port Authority’s strategic planning should focus, and reviewing and recommending to the Board such critical planning products as updated values, vision and mission statements, operational planning priorities, the annual budget and other strategic and policy-level products that merit full Board attention.  
  • Ensuring, as part of the annual operational planning/budget preparation process, that all program plans include both financial and operational performance targets that the Performance Oversight & Monitoring Committee can use in monitoring the operational and financial performance of all Port Authority programs and operating units.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of strategies to foster a positive public image for Port Authority, and for maintaining close, positive relationships between Port Authority and its customers and key external stakeholders.
  • Overseeing the development and implementation of governmental relations policies and strategies.
  • Recommending positions on legislative issues to the full Board.
  • Coordinating opportunities for Board members to speak on behalf of Port Authority in appropriate forums.
  • Fashioning strategies and plans to enhance external communication.
  • Fashioning strategies and plans to promote community involvement in Port Authority’s planning, service development and operations.

Performance Oversight & Monitoring Committee

  • Constance Parker, chair
  • Rep. Dom Costa
  • Amanda Green Hawkins, Esq. 
  • Jeffrey W. Letwin, Esq.
  • Robert A. Vescio
  • Staff Liaison: Keith Wargo, P.E. 

The Performance Oversight & Monitoring Committee is responsible for overseeing Port Authority’s operational and financial performance and for updating operational policies and systems. In this capacity, it is accountable for:

  • Reaching agreement with the Chief Executive Officer on the key elements of the operational and financial reporting process, including the content, format and frequency of performance reports to the Board, and overseeing implementation of the process.
  • Reviewing performance reports in committee meetings and reporting operational and financial performance to the full Board.
  • Reviewing operational policies meriting Board attention (such as policies to govern Port Authority’s accounting system and practices), identifying the need for their revision and recommending those policy revisions to the full Board.
  • Presenting an overall assessment of the past year's fiscal and program performance.
  • Overseeing the administration of customer satisfaction surveys, reviewing such surveys and reporting survey results to the full Board as appropriate.
  • Providing counsel to the Chief Executive Officer on major internal administrative system upgrades, such as software or hardware upgrades.

Financial Audit Committee

  • D. Raja, chair
  • Sen. Jim Brewster
  • Thomas E. Donatelli, P.E.
  • Staff Liaison: Peter Schenk

The Financial Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing Port Authority's external financial auditing process and reporting. In this capacity, it is accountable for:

  • Overseeing the process of selecting an external financial audit firm for Port Authority.
  • Reviewing external financial audit reports.
  • Overseeing any necessary corrective actions resulting from the financial auditing process.
  • Overseeing the confirmation of the accuracy of Port Authority's financial reporting and disclosures. 

The Chairman of the Board is an ex-officio member of all committees.

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