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Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Selling to Port Authority

Procurement Policy

As a special-purpose government agency supported by tax dollars and the fares of the riding public, it is vital that Port Authority procurement practices be conducted with integrity, consistent with sound business practices and applicable laws and regulations. The procurement process shall provide for fair and open competition among all proposers. Furthermore, the procurement function shall be conducted in such a fashion to promote the fullest attainable opportunities for disadvantaged business enterprises.

Equal Opportunity Policy

Port Authority promotes equal opportunity in all forms: affirmative action in employment and contract participation by disadvantaged business enterprises.

Vendor Database

Port Authority’s vendor database is a detailed listing of all individuals and firms who have expressed an interest in doing business with Port Authority. Each vendor listing includes both standard business data as well as categories of items or services the vendor offers. Vendors can be added to the database by following the instructions included in the Bidder Registration portion of this website.

It is the vendor’s responsibility to keep data records current. Port Authority should be notified of any changes in name, address, telephone number or contact person. In addition, vendors will be periodically sent a form with all the information in their record, which they can update and return to Port Authority. It is very important that vendors return this form, as failure to do so may result in their records being deactivated.

Procurements of $100,000 or less

Most of the goods and services that Port Authority procures fit into this category. These purchases are normally made using competitive bidding in the form of verbal or written quotes.

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Procurements of parts, materials, construction and non-professional services greater than $100,000

For procurements greater than $100,000, Port Authority follows a formal bid process. All applicable vendors in the Vendor Database are notified of a specific procurement. The procurement is publicly advertised (in the legal notice section) at least three times and, following the scheduled deadline for receipt of bids, the bids are publicly opened and read.

Procurement of professional services greater than $100,000

For procurements of professional services greater than $100,000, Port Authority follows a formal Request for Proposal or Request for Qualification process. All applicable vendors/consultants in the Vendor Database are notified of a specific procurement. The procurement is publicly advertised (in the legal notice section) at least three times and proposals are accepted until the advertised deadline for receipt of proposals.

Bid, RFP and RFQ document availability

Complete documents, including plans, specifications and proposal forms are available to vendors, consultants and/or contractors. Instructions on how to secure these documents (including the document cost when applicable) as well as a list of all currently available documents are included in the Open Purchasing Events portion of this web site.

Proposal Submittal Procedure for Paper Bids

In order to submit a proposal, all required documents must be returned to Port Authority before the specified due date. Proposals received after the stated time, regardless of the amount of time that has elapsed, will not be accepted and will be returned to the proposer. Proposals may be hand-delivered or mailed to the address listed below prior to the specified due date and time.

Port Authority of Allegheny County
345 Sixth Avenue, 3rd Floor
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Attn: Purchasing Department
Bid Number (indicate the corresponding bid number)

Proposal Submittal Procedure for eBusiness Bids

In order to submit a proposal, the proposer must be registered with the Port Authority’s eBusiness system and accept the invitation to bid for the particular event for which they wish to submit a proposal. Proposals must be completely uploaded into the eBusiness system no later than the stated event submission time. Submissions that are incomplete at the time the event is due will not be accepted. No other methods of proposing will be accepted for eBusiness events. (Please refer to the Bidder’s Quick Guide to eBusiness for complete details.)

Rejection of Proposals

Port Authority reserves the right to reject all proposals.

Bid Protest Procedures

View a PDF brochure outlining bid protest procedures.

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