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Wednesday, August 23, 2017
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From interior cards to rolling billboards, Port Authority has many advertising options to fit your needs and budget. View some of our advertising products below, or see our full media kit and ad specifications for a complete list of opportunities.

Bigger than Big
Artic Wrap

The Artic Wrap is the newest, biggest, and coolest of Port Authority's advertising offerings. When you want to say it loud, this is the can't miss product for you. This moving, bigger-than-a-billboard bus stretches to 60.5 feet. So spread your message all over town; it will go a LOOOOONG way.

Super-Size It
Full Wrap

When you find an advertising vehicle that puts as many eyes on your message as a Port Authority bus does, you should be all over it. Literally. Wrap your message around as many or as few buses as you like, and you’re not asking for attention. You’re demanding it.

With a full wrap, you can make a huge impact that sticks in people’s minds. And creates a buzz. Stops traffic in the street. And generates traffic for your business. And that about wraps it up.

Full Wrap ad image

Big. Scary Big.
King Kong with Extensions (248”W X 96”H)

Think King Kong’s big brother. The one that works out all the time.

And then think about how powerful your message will be when it dominates the side of our bus from wheel to wheel, from top to bottom, from Downtown to the Parkway.

If you really want to get the word out in a big way, this is your vehicle.

King Kong-size ad image

Command Attention
King-Size Poster (144”W X 30”H)

When your message is 12-feet long and two-and-a-half feet high, you don’t just reach thousands of pedestrians, you reach out and grab them.

Dominating the side of the bus as it winds its way through town, the king-size poster makes a big first, second and third impression as the bus turns the corner and follows its route along city streets.

When it comes to commanding attention, this poster rules.

King-Size ad image

Stopping Power
Queen-Size Poster (108”W X 30”H)

Slightly shorter than the king-size poster, this option offers a marriage of impact and value. You’ll still command attention and make big impression after big impression from the side of the bus as it winds its way through city streets, spreading the word.

It’s a great way for you to tap into the power of transit advertising.

Queen-Size ad image

Good Deal From Any Angle
Taillight Displays (72”W X 21”H)

They don’t call it rush hour for nothing.

So get your ad behind the bus, and you’ll be in front of rush-hour drivers and pedestrians all over town with a message that spans the back of the bus, taillight to taillight.

So traffic may be jammed, but your message is getting through loud and clear.

Taillight ad image

Captive Audience
Interior Cards (28”W X 11”H)

Do your part to help some stressed commuters on their daily journey to and from work. Give them something to read. Put your message right in front of them.

With a 28” x 11” interior card (or two or three), you can easily reach this diverse captive audience of upscale professionals who make up 60% of Pittsburgh’s urban workforce. Speak to them when they have time to listen in a flexible, affordable format.

Thanks to you, things will be looking up for commuters.

Interior Card ad image

"T" it Up
LRV Interiors (17”W X 20”H)

The only advertising visible on the light rail line through the South Hills into Downtown Pittsburgh and the North Shore, this interior card definitely stands out.

Placed on the clear windscreens near the operator’s compartment or the articulated sections of the cars, your message is sure to grab the attention of riders as they wind their way to and from work or recreation.

So hop on the T and start moving business.

LRV Interior Card ad image

All Eyes Forward
Bulkhead Posters 21”W X 22”H

Instead of having to take your message to the target audience, wouldn’t it be great if they came to you? Well, that’s how it works when you own the space behind the bus operator.

Sooner or later, riders have to get off. And, as they walk to the front to pay their fare, they’re also paying attention to you.

So get bold, get creative and get noticed.

Bulkhead ad image

Hit a Moving Target by Standing Still
T Station/Park & Ride Ads (sizes vary)

Park your ad here and ride it to success. Our Park and Ride lots aren't just convenient places for people to leave their cars between commutes. They're great opportunities for advertisers to talk to consumers twice a day. Want to really stand out? You're bound to get noticed on the T platform.

For big impact, it's hard to beat the queen-sized poster on the outbound T platform at Station Square. And the same can be said for each of the eight free-standing, poster-sized boards on the platform of the First Avenue Station. Each of our Downtown and North Shore T stations offers opportunities to make creative use of our high-traffic space.

T Station Advertiments


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